Training Modules

Grassroots Churchplanters' Training

This is 54 topics aranged in 12 modules for training of clusters of urban poor churchplanters.

Building City Leadership Teams


The integration of the theology, strategies and skills leaned over a number of years of leading city leadership consultations.

Transforming Revival

Processes and theology that enable revival to move to its consummation in transformation of society.

MATUL Commission Website

For Faculty teaching the MATUL. (password protected, please obtain form This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Training for Grassroots Trainers

Training for trainers of leaders of learning networks in the slums (under construction).

Grassroots Economic Discipleship

30 Podcasts for Grassroots Slum Learning Networks on the principles of Kingdom ecnomomics.  Additional material for Kiwis examining Kiwinomics.


MA in Transformational Urban Leadership (MATUL)

A 15 course, 45 unit degree, delivered across several continents by a cluster of partnering schools. This degree trains slum movement leaders in all the aspects of ministry amongthe poor and the multiplication of holisitc churches and ministries.  The introductory site can be seen at

The following courses require a password to access them.  Please obtain from the site administrator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

TUL500 Biblical Theology of Urban Ministry

This course is designed to give an overview of the scriptures with particular emphasis on applying the biblical motif of the kingdom of God to issues of leadership development in resource-poor urban communities.

TUL520 Urban Spirituality

An in-depth examination of human development and family life in the slum context, this course emphasizes the care and nurturing of resource-poor workers and the practical application of the spiritual disciplines.

TUL530 Urban Poor Church Planting (Building Faith Communities)

This course emphasizes a story-telling approach to understanding the development of holistic poor peoples' churches in ways faithful to the values and goals of the kingdom of God. Entrance, proclamation, and discipleship are considered in relation to small group formation, leadership, and community development.  This involves  student participation in a mentored churchplanting team

TUL540 Urban Reality & Theology

This course structures a dialogue between two processes, urban theologising and social analysis (urban studies in economics, developmental studies, anthropology, sociology, history) in a mutually enriching interaction that generates perspectives and analytic methods for transformative urban mission.

TUL560 Community Economics

This course introduces students to training the urban poor in biblical economics, basic bookkeeping, business planning, savings cooperatives, and micro-enterprise.

TUL620 Urban Poor Movement Leadership

This course explores the dynamics of leadership within holistic, urban-poor movements.

TUL630 Community Transformation

(under construction)

TUL655 Land Rights and Advocacy

(Under Construction)

Portuguese Training Materials

(Under construction)