Urban Leadership Foundation is the conduit for resources for the Encarnação Alliance consultations, leadership development, training processes, envisioning.


Being a faith mission, our dependence is on God as we seek him in prayer.  The contributions that fund our ministry come to us from four main sources:

  • By a support team of about 40 individuals for each worker that give monthly or yearly and sacrificially.These are amazing folks, many of whom give sacrificially, some for many years.
  • A few local congregations and ministries. This often affirms an ongoing connection with a congregation.
  • Preaching in churches and to city leadership teams, teaching in Bible schools and seminaries as we travel.  This usually covers our costs, but does not provide for personal support
  • Christian businessmen and their foundations who give us additional grants. They will usually give  up to 10% of our income.

The Urban Leadership budget is  $180,000. We are seeking another 25 people  committed to giving just $50, $100 or $200 a month. 

Will you partner with us in the area of financial resources? If you would like to find out more about how you or your church/ministry can help us, please feel free to contact us by sending an e-mail.

Urban Leadership Foundation is a registered Charitable Trust in New Zealand, where donations are tax deductible.  

Urban Leadership Foundation
P.O. Box 68244 Newton,
Auckland, New Zealand, 1145.

In the US we are a 501(c)3 Nonprofit in the US with tax deductibility.

Urban Leadership Foundation,

670 Smoketree Drive,

San Dimas, CA91750, USA

Gifts designated for Urban Leadership Foundation may be sent through PayPal on this site. 

The following projects are immediate opportunities to use your tithes or more for the church of God in its global advance in the cities and among the poor.

Urban Leadership Staff Support

  • The Grigg supports fund.
  • Office Staff are often overlooked in mission.  The following are hired as moneys are available:
    • a part time web designer,
    • an office administrator,
    • an editor and publications manager,
    • an events organiser.  

Our part time staff need to raise $1000/month each.

Urban Poor Leaders' Consultations

  • Gatherings of urban poor pastors 4-5 times per year. Setup, scholarships, publications and travel funds are needed for each one  $1500-$5,000 each
  • Scholarships for pastors attending training... $30-50 each

Urban Poor Publications

  • Publications have mobilized many. Costs of republication of several booklets, publication in Portuguese of the Kingdom of God and Land Rights booklet
  • Editing /translation costs for preparation to republish Companion to the Poor and Cry of the Urban Poor in Portuguese, Tamil, Spanish.............$1000 each
  • Publication..................................$2-3,000 each
  • Developing the grassroots training course............ $3,000
  • Marketing of The Spirit of Christ and the City: Transformative Revival Among Auckland's Evangelicals and Pentecostals...........$4000

Urban Poor Leaders Emergency Fund

Frequently, leaders among the poor face accidents, illnesses and family emergencies.  There is little infrastructure for them during these times.  There is a regular stream of request for help for these.  it is helpful to have a fund available to meet these needs as they occur. 

June 2014:  Dr Saravanan who has ably lead the MATUL at HBI in Chennai has suffered head injuies in an accident. He is now out of internsive care, with some movement in his hands.  The costs have been around $30,000.  His children also need funds to conitnue their schooling in the midst of this. 

A budget and accounts are available on request. Thank you and may the Lord richly bless you!