Urban Leadership Foundation is

A virtual learning hub

      • for networks of workers among the urban poor
      •  for city leadership teams that bring revitalization to cities

What we do

Grassroots - facilitating development of leaders of urban poor movements

    • Story-telling gatherings of transformative leaders among the urban poor locally, regionally and globally.
    • Developing the Encarnação Network of urban poor movement leaders globally.
    • Developing a global network of Urban Poor Trainers to teach modules through learning networks, the web and CDRoms
    • Establishing the MA in Transformational Urban Leadership for urban poor leaders with partnering tertiary institutions in each continent, resulting in engagement and resourcing of faith communities and civil society organizations in cooperative economics, working with the marginalized, advocacy, engagement in land tenure struggles, community health, establishing slum educational processes, and social entrepreneurship.
    • Publishing best case practices of movement leadership, and theological reflection on these.

Fostering leadership teams to envision purposes for cities and nations

    • Developing, delivering and reproducing training for city leaders and teams
    • Utilizing citywide, regional and global consultations of city leaders to integrate vision for cities as a vehicle for leadership training.
    • Publishing prophetic and strategic envisioning for cities as outcomes from these processes.

Catalyzing cultural revitalization for citywide transformation

    • Facilitating integration of values and prophetic vision from diverse spiritual and cultural roots so as to foster moral education of societal leaders resulting in expansion of transformative structures.
    • Spearheading deep thinking in the theory, theology and practice of citywide transformation within revitalization movements