What Are We?

  • A virtual learning hub for networks of workers among the urban poor
  • A mobile leadership centre for transformation of cities at the foundation of the urban millenium.

Our Mission?


  • To be a prophetic voice to cities and nations through
    • theologizing
    • catalyzing
    • networking
      • training leaders of indigenous movements of churches
      among the poor of the world's mega-cities.

What Do We Do?

1. We develop leaders of movements among the urban poor through:

  • Publishing theology and best case practice
  • Story-telling gatherings of urban poor pastors
  • Developing the Encarnação Network of urban poor mission leaders
  • Developing a Grassroots Network of Urban Poor Trainers with 55 modules through learning networks, the web and CDRoms
  • Establishing the MA in Transformational Urban Leadership for urban poor leaders with partnering institutions in each continent.

2. We work with city leadership teams to envision God's purposes for cities through:

  • Consultations that seek God's purposes for cities.
  • Training city leadership teamsencarnacao
  • Publishing the prophetic and strategic envisioning

3. We catalyze revival that brings citywide transformation through:

  • The prophetic work of the Spirit, touching societal leaders with God's purposes
  • Spearheading the deep thinking of theory, theology and practice of citywide transformation