MA in Transformational Urban Leadership

Public PR Site at

* A Movement Leadership Degree.
* Training church-planters and entrepreneurial leaders into movement leaders, advocates and cross-cultural workers.
Learning theology by doing theology.
Living and working among the urban poor.
* Outcome-based educational processes
For Program Directors

A. Study the Core Documents

1. Start with the MA Course Chart to get an overview of the program and access course outlines.
2. Power Point Description of the Program
3. Print off the Common Understandings (This is the core agreement between the members of the commission). Master it and send any changes to Commission Chair
4. MATUL site: Resources for each course (Use Guest, matul2010 to enter this and course sites).

5. Language and Culture Learning: Breaking Barriers


B. Program Development

1. Faculty Sign Up to receive a series of communiues on background and course design
2. Steps for New Schools to launch the MATUL

       (Checklist to evaluate)

3. Philosophy for Developing course writers
4. 21 Steps for Course Writers Give this to course designers and faculty facilitators


C. Partners

* MATUL Commission

E. Educational Concepts
  • Jesus' Seminary in the Slums
  • Transformationval Conversations (ppt)   (htm)
  • Principles of Economic Discipleship (ppt)
  • A Conversation Between Friere and Jesus (ppt)
  • MATUL as Entrepreneurship
  • Multiplying Movement Leadership
  • MATUL Internships
  • APU Mentored Option

    E. Implementation

    1. Bibliography

    Look at teh Common Understandings for a Statement on Copyright of these materials.  Each school is responsible to evaluate its copyright obligations. Most is avalable using fair use, but an analysis needs to be done for each course.  There is an Excel file with each course where the basis for such analysis is available.

    * Determing Fair Use and Copyright

    * APA style summary

    2. Course Dates
    3. Recruitment

    The public PR site for the global partnership is at

    Recruiting Plans for Each School

    4. Program Evaluation
    5. Budgeting & Fundraising
    While we have no responsibilities for each others institutions, it is a helpful exercise to encourage each other with our budget and fundraising strategy, as a way of making sure these are properly developed. These can be added here.

    Fundraising Plan for each school.  (Generic Template)



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