About Viv Grigg

Following the Holy Spirit, and in simple faith in the Lord for provision, Viv Grigg has been a prophetic voice, living among the poor, churchplanting in Manila, Calcutta, Sao Paulo, Los Angeles, Auckland... The Lord has been pleased to use him to catalyze several new apostolic orders (networks of communities) who live incarnationally in the slums of over 40 emerging mega-cities, planting churches and creating a plethora of ministries to transform poverty and creating new patterns of evangelical urban theology.

Lead in the 90's, to initiate strategies for citywide transformative revival, he coordinated the global AD2000 Cities network, networking city leadership teams with strategies for evangelism, reconciliation and transformation and developed Vision for Auckland. He currently coordinates the Encarnação Alliance of Urban Poor Movement Leaders, that networks over 45 slum movements.

Some speaking engagements have included the Global Conference on World Evangelism (Korea, 1995), Mission Korea (1996), VisionNZ Congress (1997), Asbury Seminary Kingdom Conference (1998), Australian National Leadership Conference (1996, 1997, 1998), Biola Missions (2001), Moody, Wheaton, RENAS conference (Brazil, 2007), MoveIn ....

Academics: As an urban missiologist (MA, missiology, Fuller SWM) and theologian (PhD, Theology) , he teaches on Citywide Leadership, Transformation and Revival Movements, Churchplanting, Ministry Among the Urban Poor,  Postmodern Urban Transformation in seminaries as he travels, having catalyzed the MA in Transformational Urban Leadershipand BA training for slum movement leaders in 5 seminaries and been involved grassroots training for several thousand pastors. Author of Companion to the Poor, Cry of the Urban Poor, Spirit of Christ and the Postmodern City, Kiwinomics, Transforming Cities and others.

He developed the MATUL program for APU where he currently teaches as an associate professor of urban mission

He is Director of Urban Leadership Foundation, which is kept simple and operating from a converted garage to fund training and project needs among teh poor. He is married to Ieda, a gifted Brazilian motivational teacher, chaplain and mother. They have three grown children.

All of these things have been by simple faith, seeing God provide, and his Spirit speak, create, raise up leaders, multiply them like grains of wheat and build structures.