Transformative Revival - PhD Version
Home Abstract Table of Contents 1 Research Structure 2.Transform'l Convers'n 3. Literature Review Pt 2: Transf've Revival 4. Auckland Church 5. NZ Revival 6. Nature of Revival 7.Enraged Engagem't 8.Transf'tive Revival 9. Prophetic Roles 10.Apostolic Structures 11.Auckland Business Part 3:Revival Goals 12. City of God 13.Soul of Auckland 14. Postmodernity 15.Kingdom&Postmod'ty Conclusion Works Cited


The Spirit of Christ

and the Postmodern City

Transformative Revival Among Aucklandís Evangelicals and Pentecostals

Ph.D. Thesis

submitted by Viv Grigg

 as requirement for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Theology)

The University of Auckland


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