• Assoc Prof of Urban Missions, MA in Transformational Urban Leadership, Azusa Pacific University, since 2009

  • International Director, Urban Leadership Foundation since 1985

  • International Coordinator, Encarnação Alliance of Urban Poor Mission Leaders since 2001



  • PhD (Theology), Auckland University, New Zealand. 2006 (1997-2005)  Fields: Pneumatology, Contextual Theology; Sociology of Religion  (University Scholar)
  • PhD Level Courses: Urban Leadership Strategies, (Fuller Seminary, Pasadena, CA, USA) 1989
  • Urban Sociology, Urban Anthropological Reflection – Church Among the Poor, Urban Leadership, William Carey University (1987-1989).
  • M.A. (Missiology) Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA, USA, 1987 (1984-87) Major in Urban Anthropology, Community Development
  • 6 Semester credits in  Community Organization, Community Development (University of the Philippine), 2 Semester credits in Community Development, (Asian Theological Seminary, Manila, Philippines)  1980
  • Certificate of Accomplishment in Tagalog, 21 March, 1980, Manila
  • Post Grad Dip. Teaching Christchurch Teachers College, Christchurch, New Zealand 1973  Major: Education (Apparently no records)
  • B.E (Elect) Canterbury University, Christchurch, New Zealand, 1973 (1969-1972)  Major in Electrical Engineering. 


Time Line Summary of Professional Roles: The following is an attempt by year (as accurate as I can recall) to decipher a life juggling educational roles, missional leadership roles, international network roles, a lifestyle as a writer, and national roles engaging in public policy theology.
Dates Role or Title Mission / Community Organisation Related Educational Roles and Courses, and leadership development and organizational outcomes
2010-Present Adjunct Faculty, and Developer and Director of the MA in Transformational Urban Leadership degree in the school of theology, Azusa Pacific University   Launch MA in Transformational Urban Leadership. Design and Teach Courses online globally in Urban Spiirutlity, Writings, Reign and Reality, Building Fiath Communities, Community Economics, Community Development, Movement Leadership, Education Among the Poor, , … Recruit adjuncts, design partnerships, Recruit students, Seek to Raise funding ($600,000 in endowments), Publish.
1985 –Present International Director  (This role giving leadership to a series of movements has been the coordinating base for many of the part time roles and adjunct roles and partnerships below.  In academic-think, perhaps easiest to consider the following as aspects of this largely educational role). Urban Leadership Foundation, a registered charity in New Zealand for educational and religious purposes 1985-1996  Mobilize prefield training processes for Western urban poor missions   50% of time in teaching, educational development.
2000-2008 infield training processes and learning networks for 2963 Trainers of slum churchplanters in 23 cities.  80% of time in teaching, training and educational development fields since 2000. 
2001-Present  Coordinator Encarnação Alliance of Urban Poor Missions Leaders Teach courses on Urban Spirituality and Holistic Urban Poor Leadership at Asian Theological Seminary, ACT (Mumbai), Hindustan Bible Institute (HBI), Auckland Urban Training Institute.
Encarnacao Alliance Trainng Commission Design & Establish the MA in Transformational Urban Leadership in Manila, Nairobi, Chennai, Nagpur, APU and initiate it in 4 other cities. Coordinate yearly commisison gatherings. Train adjunct faculty in partner schools.   Raise $75,000 funding for partner schools.
2000-2003 Missions Consultant Kairos, Brazil Courses on Theology and Practice of Urban Poor Mission (Churchplanting and Community Devt ), at Asian Theological Seminary (Manila), Alliance Biblical Seminary (NY), Fuller Theological Seminary (SWM).
Missions Mobilizer Servant-Partners US A course on Community Organisation by distance learning to people in China for Eastern University School of International Leadership Development  Aug-Dec 2003
 Elder Servants to Asia's Urban Poor  
1996-2000 Catalyst, coordinator, Auckland Vision for Auckland city leaders networks, NZ City Leaders network  Develop city leadership team across denominations.   Lead huis (Maori-style story-telling consultations) discerning theology and strategy for the city.   Wrote Spirit of Christ and the Postmodern City. Seek to develop city leadership teams in other cities - did not succeed.
1991-96 Coordinator, Co-Chairman (95) AD2000 Global Cities Network  Lead urban mission theology training consultations in multiple cities, catalysing city leadership teasms for evangelization and transformation
1995 – 2000 Senior Lecturer in Urban Missions  New Covenant International Bible College Senior Urban Missions Lecturer, New Covenant International Bible College, Auckland.  Urban Leadership, Urban Missions, Urban Churchplanting, Contextual Theology  This was a primary training context for Auckland's ethnic churches.
1996-1999 Lecturer  Carey Baptist Collerge Urban Missions Lecturer, Carey Baptist College, Auckland Consortium of Theological Education, Auckland University, teaching Urban Missions and Transforming Society and Culture
1998 Visiting Professor of Urban Missions   Adjunct, Alliance Biblical Seminary, Manila
1994  Instructor, May Institute, Providence College and Theological Seminary  Urban Poor Mission
1996-98, 2001 Adjunct Professor in Urban Missions  Fuller Theological Seminary Adjunct, Fuller Theological Seminary, Theology and Practice of Urban Poor Mission, Citywide Leadership Strategies
1992-95 Pioneer Pasadena Reconciliation Community Leader Servants Community  
1986 -94 Non-resident and resident missionary, Calcutta Urban Leadership Foundation Lecturer in OT, Calcutta Bible College
1988-89 Catalyst of Mission, Brazil Servos Entre os Pobres (now Kairos) Now one of the largest Latin misisons sending workers to live in solidairty to cities globally
1985 – 2002 Board Member, L.A. Servants Among the Poor (now Servant-Partners) Wrote Cry of the Urban Poor   Now has 200 workers living in solidarity with the poor and has spawned scores of partner organizations
1985-89 Founder, U.S. Director, . Los Angeles Servants Among the Poor  Created structure, recruited first workers for 6 cities globally, created prefield training processes
1982-86 Founder, International Director Servants to Asia's Urban Poor, New Zealand, & Manila Created structure, recruited first three teams, prefield orientation processes. Wrote Companion to the Poor. These first tems have now created 54 advocacy, aid, educaitonal, church growth, Bible school type organizations, and 700 preschools in the slums.
1978-81 Churchplanter, Manila Slums Reach –Lakas-Angkan Pioneered concept of incarnational churchplanting. In the slums. Catalyzed first slum church
1978-79 Professional Ministries Coordinator REACH - Lakas-Angkan, Manila Coordinated professional to urban poor linkages.   These professionals now include 3 advisors to presidents on public policy, directors of national departments, leaders of microfinance etc.
1977 Urban Poor Community/ Student Ministry Pioneer Navigators, Wellington Pioneered Urban Poor Community houses engaging students with urban poor in Wellington
1974-76  Teaching Assistant then Lecturer FEBIAS College of Bible, Philippines Assistant then lecturer teaching Evangelism, Discipleship courses
1974-76 Church formation Navigators, Philippines Recruited middle class students to pioneer in middle class church, now Kamuning Bible Church
1973,74,77,78, 2000 High School and Community College Teacher NZ Education Department High School Maths teacher, Technical College (= US Community College?) Maths Teacher
1965-72 Electronics Technician, Sheep Shearer, Fruit picker, Factory worker, Assistant in soil research laboratory, delivering coal, painter various High School/University vacation jobs learning economic realities


Evaluation of Educational Management Experience or Expertise  - Viv Grigg, 2005


Technical Systems


Academic Programming

Student Management

Commitment to lead by example in ministry, character, academics and teaching style (X)

Ability to recruit, build and manage a diverse team (X)

Cross-cultural staff team building (X)

Strategic focus development (X)

Ability to serve management in developing, accomplishing, or reworking their objectives (X)

Significant change management experience (X)

Awareness of need for and development of reporting mechanisms

Group-based, culturally-sensitive, student/ faculty eval’n of programs/courses Experience (prefer to delegate) in budgeting processes, balance sheet management, expenditure controls, auditing process(X)

IT awareness, technical background

Strong user of email as a tool

Email-based group project management

Web-based design

Computer trainer: Access, Word, Wordpro, quickbooks excel, freelance, powerpoint, web design programs etc (X)

Access database design and development

Office setup and development, securing of office resources (X)_____________________

(Communications cont.)

Experienced (but not artistic) in design of Publicity development, brochures, flyers, email lists, database maintenance

Prep’n of case studies (X)

Students love creative, experiental, interactive story-telling to high level conceptual teaching style and content (X)

Effective listener: gather opinions from others to develop consensus, or solve problems, both formally and informally (X)

Open, approachable and transparent communication style with others (X)

Ability to develop strong trusting relationships with both strong leaders and students (X)

Oral and written skills - able to identify and articulate vision and problem areas(not always concisely)

Excellent ability to make public presentations (but weak voice projection) (X)

Ability to develop strong rapport with operational teams to achieve goals and deadline

. Ability to network across diverse ethnic, occupational and religious lines (X)

Experiental to cognitive bias in academic teaching approach (X)

Development of creative group project approachs to learning(X)

Development of new degree program philosophy (X) and curriculum structures (know how to work with experts)

Curriculum change approval processes (can do, get frustrated)

Development of new course structures

Devel’t of processes from within  multicultural community styles (X)

Abreast of urban missions, missions, New Zealand transformation,  revival directions and publications (X)

Editing, formatting, mentoring of students papers

Personal and group publications background (X)

Supportive of institutional systems in which functioning: able to contribute to broader vision (X)

Student mentoring

Systems development for selection and evaluation of program participants (X)

Evaluation of student/ staff progress in academics and character development

Creation of joyful, participative, pleasant staff and student environments (X)

Adaptive interfacing of University system with ethnic learning styles and English competencies (X)

Cross-cultural orientation program development (X)

Short-term mission team management

Student mentoring processes (X)

Pedagogical Style

I love to teach such that lives are transformed, perhaps because my grandfather was one of our national educational leaders, and our great great grandfather, a famous astronomer who trained 1/3 of our new country migrants in musical processes.

Teaching high school kids in bottom classes early in life set me on a survival path of working out how to teach through entertainment for short attention span learners who have consistently failed..  This has morphed as I work with leaders in the field into the development of facilitating story-telling processes as the core of adult learning.  Such story-telling derives often from the proverbs of the culture and is best with a focus around a particular problem.  The integration of theology , theory and strategy around the collective story, then becomes my role as the integrative expert.

This is in essence Freierian, it is change oriented education, action-based in content and action.  Training in such processes is as critical for raising up development workers as integrating the content of the situational issues into the broader theoreticals.   It is holistic rather than linear.

Some of the most enjoyable times have been huis (A Maori cultural practice where for three days people sleep together on the marae (meeting house) and debate an issue).  I have utilized Leadership classes to recruit leaders and organize these as ways of understanding processes of teamwork, building momentum , events planning, identifying and recruiting leaders, then integrating the stories of the marae together into a publication with their names on it, again learning skills of production, teamwork, writing, creativity, publication, marketing.

All of this becomes highly relational.  I guess I end up utilising classrooms more as a centrepoint for mentoring people into their potentials.  In other classes, I have preferred multimedia projects to exams.  The results are extreme commitment, unending creativity and I learn an amazing amount about the issues they select.

Training folks in Urban Spirituality recently has identified for me that I consistently seek to touch the core of each individual to strive for their areas of giftedness.