Viv Grigg

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Viv Grigg, B.E.E., M.A. (Missiology), PhD (Theology) has been a prophetic voice, calling from the slums of Manila, Calcutta, Sao Paulo, Los Angeles... inviting many thousands to live in apostolic communities among the poor. These works are creating a plethora of organizations that transform poverty in over 40 cities. He attributes the fruit of this to the overflowing work of the Holy Spirit on these who choose to live the cross among the poor. As a young graduate, and in quiet dependence on God to provide, Viv Grigg went to live in the slums of Manila, pioneering a church, new theologies and catalysing development

He coordinates the Encarnação Alliance of urban poor movement leaders. Their grassroots city learning networks of slum pastors in the last 3 years have established over 1800 new churches.  As an academic, trained in theology, community organization, urban anthropology, and as Director of Urban Leadership Foundation, he catalyzed the MA in Transformational Urban Leadership (MATUL) now with 6 partnering institutions globally.  He recently relocated from New Zealand to be an Associate Professor to Azusa Pacific (one of the partners) to lead their MATUL expansion. He is author of 7 books including the paradigm-shifting Companion to the Poor, whose call to radical incarnation among the poor and lifestyles of simplicity has challenged many.  His recent Spirit of Christ and the Postmodern City predicts a future beyond postmodernism. Economic Discipleship has answers to the present ethical dilemnas of capitalism.

Some Conference Involvements

  • 1989 Laussanne Congress on World Evangelization, Manila. 2 Sessions on “Ministering to the Urban Poor.”
  • 1993 VisionNZ Congress plenary on "Reaching the Cities"
  • 1995 Global Congress On World Evangelization, Seoul , Korea. Plenary Session. Leader of the AD2000 Cities Network.
  • 1996 Mission Korea 96, a gathering of eight student movements, plenary on "The Cry of the Urban Poor" and seminars.
  • 1996 AD2000 Urban Poor Network, Hong Kong. Leadership team, several seminars, plenary
  • 1997 Vision NZ Congress plenary on "Transformation of the Nation."
  • Over twenty-five City Leadership Consultations in nations and cities.
  • 1997 Korean Students for Christ plenary and seminar
  • 1998 Korean Students for Christ plenary address, "The Poor Wise Man" and seminars
  • 1998 Asbury Seminary, Kingdom Conference, keynote speaker, "The Cosmic Christ in Cities From Hell" and forums.
  • 1996, 1997, 1998 Australian AD2000 National Leadership Consultations as plenary speaker “Jesus Christ in the Underside of Cities from Hell.”
  • 1999 Vision for Auckland Huis, organizer, keynote address on "Six Battlefronts in Auckland"
  • 2000 Transformational Conversations: Developing Indigenous Theologies hui, Auckland, facilitator.
  • 2001 Biola Missions Conference, addresses, "Reaching the Poor of Asia's Mega-Cities", "The Judgment of God on a Postmodern City".
  • 2002 Wheaton College Missions Week: Keynote Speaker
  • 2002 Encarnação Network, Brazil, organizer
  • 2004 Encarnação Network, Bangkok, organizer, “50,000 from the Slums to the Slums
  • 2006 Encarrnação Alliance, Chennai, organizer
  • 2008 RENAS (Network for Social Action), Brazil, keynote speaker
  • 2009 Sao Paulo, Brazil. "Igreja Relevamente e Incarnacional"
  • 2009 Revitalization Consultation, Asbury Seminary, “The Spirit of Christ and the Postmodern City

Viv Grigg: Some Publications


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    tr. in Portuguese. 1994 O Grito Dos Pobres Na Cidade, Missao Editora: Sao Paulo.
  • 2000 Creating an Auckland Business Theology. Urban Leadership Foundation.
  • 2009 The Spirit of Christ and the Postmodern City.  Auckland: Urban Leadership Foundation and Asbury: Emeth Press.
  • 2010 Economic Discipleship.  5th Edn. Auckland: Urban Leadership Foundation.


  • 1985 Servants Movements: Protestant Orders with Vows of Non-Destitute Poverty. Urban Leadership Foundation
  • 1986 The Lifestyle and Values of Servants, Urban Leadership Foundation. 1998 Vision for Auckland. Urban Leadership Foundation, 32pp.
  • 2001 Biblical Reflections on Land and Land Rights. Urban Leadership Foundation. 64 pp.

Some Professional Papers and Articles

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Some Popular Articles

  • 1979-80 "Discipleship", "Discipleship and Self", "Discipleship and Possessions." Reach Communique, Manila: Reach, Vol 1:2, 2:1, 2:3
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