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Creating an Auckland Business Theology
Viv Grigg, ed.


1. Vision for Auckland Action Forum

Prophetic Integration: From 1996 - 2000, Christian leaders across multiple sectors, denominations and ethnicities in Auckland under the name Vision for Auckland met to understand God's conversation with the city, the conversation within the city, and how these mesh into city transformation.

This began with a core group of leaders of movements in the city meeting once a month together as a think-tank, an action group, and then a monthly forum for city leaders to reflect on ideas together.

Envisioning Fellowship: A Vision Auckland Network (VAN) breakfast continued each month on 7 a.m. Thursday mornings till 2005, where spiritual leaders in the city gathered to listen and learn from each other.

Connecting Point: Vision Network then developed three monthly gatherings of key leaders.

2. Events: Vision for Auckland Hui

In March 1999, many of these leaders met to present strategies for their sector of the city and discern God's purposes for the future. A yearly event like this is needed. It included a manual with 2 page vision summaries from many of the 48 sector networks. This complements other ongoing events.

3. Networks

This group networked existing movements into an integrating framework of Network Task Forces in various sectors of the city building relationships across the barriers (releasing brotherly love), and developing vision and strategies (releasing faith). These include major denominational/church sectors; renewal movements in major denominational sectors; specialist networks such as children, youth, societal sectors such as business, politics, law, the arts. Each include mainline, Catholic, evangelical and Pentecostal leaders. Three are mentioned below.

Indigenous and Ethnic Churches Leadership

A hui with John Dawson and meetings periodically with leaders from the 350 ethnic churches  gradually began building bridges between Chinese, Korean, Samoan, Tongan, Indian etc communities in the context of the hosting into this nation by the indigenous people. New Covenant International Bible College was then a centre for integration of this network.

Transformational Network

How does the Kingdom affect the legal profession, the medical profession, environment, education, etc. There are nuclei working in each of these areas. This network connects these. For example, one sector is that of business leadership. How does the kingdom of God relate to the realities of ethical management, personnel needs, stresses of production and creativity? The booklet at the side represents the perspectives of a number of leaders. Martien Kelderman now leads monthly meetings of businessmen.

The Evangelism Network

An Evangelism and Discipling Group meet with Graeme Lee in Penrose periodically strategising evangelistic events and processes in the nation.  Howard Webb is catalysing processes in Love Your Neighbour, that mesh things like Alpha courses, Jesus Film presentations and community service.

Prayer Network

Various movements that motivate prayer are connected in the prayer network. John Fulford co-ordinates this.

City Church Research

A database of 1086 churches in the city was developed and analysed up to the year 2000.