About Viv Grigg, urbanologist, social entrepreneur

Viv Grigg has been a prophetic voice, living among the poor of the slums and developing community organisations in Manila, Calcutta, Sao Paulo, Los Angeles... He has catalyzed  several networks of communities of workers  who choose to live  in the slums of over 40 emerging mega-cities,  creating a plethora of organizations that transform poverty.

He coordinates the Encarnação Alliance of urban poor movement leaders. He also builds teams of city leaders who seek to transform the values of cities.  He developed the Vision for Auckland network in Auckland, connecting ethnic and societal leaders.

With training in community organisation and urban anthropology, he teaches in universities and seminaries on Leadership Among the Poor, Community Organisation,  Transformative Movements, and is author of Companion to the Poor, Cry of the Urban Poor, Transforming Cities and others. Director of Urban Leadership Foundation and Assciate Professor at Azusa Pacific University where he leads a creative program where students live for two years among the urban poor globally..